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Fever and Rashes on Arms and legs - Part 2

Browsing my Facebook, Yes, June. I agree with your statement. "Over-exhausted" taking care of a "sick" child. Let me describe my experience at the ward:

a) Jaden is very-very active even he is down with fever.
b) He walks, hops, falls, crawls, even slides...
c) He walks to everywhere, and trying to be "Einstein" touching things and wondering how every single thing works. The nebuliser, stethoscope, medicine pump, bed rail, bed lifter, doors, tables, drawers, cups, spoons, tissues, dustbin, tv remote control - you named it.
d) You can find sugar packs in some drawers.
e) He wants to play peek-ka-boo in the hospital. Finding "mie-mie" and say "Chu-chak.."
f) He says he want to eat and towards the end pat the leftover on his shirt and pant and show you a tongues' out sign.
g) He talks to nurses and patients and say "bye-bye"
h) He expects you to chase him and wants "che-che" to play with him. Poor thingy, "che-che" patient ignored him and "che-che" is too tired and sick to have fun with him.

And finally, before you can even get a rest on the comfy bed, you are waken by the nurses who comes in "different" hour for nebuliser (for bronchitis relief), medicine, check for temperature, meal serving, hot water, daily newspaper, general cleaning, doctor's check up, observation round by nurses, and bed making.

I enjoyed their set meal at least. Haven't had a complete on time meal for some time.. LOL

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  1. it's never "comfy" to stay in a hospital even for a night!
    i agree that the nurses always come in during odd hours and thus, we were awaken and couldnt get enough sleep!