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Fever and Rashes on arms and legs - Part 1

Jaden was admitted to Tawakal Hospital for his rashes and further checkup on his fever. Fever was there since Sunday, subsides a little and struck again. It has been five days and doctor recommend us to get him warded. We are being too worried on his condition. You name it. From the chinese method of reducing heat (flour mix with egg, roll the entire dough on his body - I do not know how this works but no harm trying as we are already ran out of idea), checking on every part of internet and the outcome of fever and rashes have a results of over thousands causes! Would it be roseola? denggi? - can't be denggi as the spots was too big. Measles? - can't be as he has just taken his MMR injection and measles should starts from head or body. H1N1? he don't seem to have diarhea. Mouth, hand and foot disease? No spot of rashes on and around his mouth. And when an idea of asking God (as maybe something is bothering him during this "ghost" - the seventh month of Chinese calendar), things are getting even more intensed here.

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