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Coping with my Crying Jaden baby..

Hi, Just had my 19 months boy (Jaden) cry for no reason last nite and phew! He is finally oozing to sleep. He seldom cry so bad at nite, and yesterday hubby had a terrible time with him, and so do I. We were so tired after work, had his dinner, he plays happily, we reads stories, so we think everything will be going on fine and he shall be very sleepy tonite.

Jaden had a minor cough last 2 days, and we did not put him in the air-conditioned room. Its about time to his bed, he walks to his crib and demand his milk. "Nen-nen!" I expressed breastmilk and gave to him. Done. 6 ounce and still wants more. We had been limiting his fluid intake as he will vomit when he has this irritation to cough. and he cries..Nen-nen! Nen-Nen!

"No more nen-nen boy, you will vomit. Can you please go to sleep - its very late." You know he is hungry but for his own good, we need to do something to avoid him throwing out. "ok, ok, I will call popo". I called my mum, we chat with Jaden. He is happy, as we chat about the cats near the apartment and the swing-swing - which his granpa use to bring him to the playground fortnightly. About 20 minutes, he says "ghed nai..." - his new word this week means "good nite".

Jaden still remembers his "Nen-Nen", and cries on top of his lung after the phone chat. Ok, I compromise, another 6 ounce for him, hoping he wont throw out. Done, and he cries. Hubby carries him and ask him to keep quiet. Ask him why he cries, soothes him, nothing works. Hubby begin to lose control and you can see my baby close his eyes tight, tighten his expression muscles not to cry and exclaimed "Mummy!!", and cries-again.

Seriously, I have no idea why he cries so badly yesterday. Maybe he would want something. What could it be? I could tell you its more stressful than working out those mathematics or accounting, but at this moment, you gotta stop him from yelling and crying. Here's what we did:
a) Checking his whole body - maybe there is some injury at nanny place which we are not known of. Nope -nothing.
b) Ask him questions - did you fall down at nanny place? Did you this and that? Are you happy at nanny place? You want to play? You want nen-nen? You want this and that and we are exhausted. No positive feedback.
c) Carried him, sang song. It works when I stand, but when I sit on my bed crading him, he cries again. Ok, i stand.
d) Hmm..maybe this. Get his attention! "Look Jaden! See? A star in the sky?". I pointed and show my excitement. He look at it and start to search, and I start to sing "Twinkle lil star" his fav song.... after a long while, he cries again when i put him to bed.
e) OK, I got a hint, he wants to go out or perhaps see things. "Tomorrow mummy bring you to popo place and we see aunty's dog wan?" you like to play with her dog rite? and jaden says "Dog."
Hubby grab his phone and played some personal video's on the phone. The one we videod Jaden while he is chasing the dog, while he is laughing playing at the playground, the video of his sister's -mei mei- crying and talking, the video of his favourite spot. We give him explaination on each video and catch his attention. " See? Jaden likes to play with this dog, and mummy is bringing you to see a dog tomorrow." Use simple phase to talk to a child, he would understand. "See? Mei-mei talk gagaga - Jaden know what is she talking?", aand "Wah..see? walk walk... we will go to walk tomorrow as now its dark at nite."

We began to see some sparks on his eyes, and after awhile soothing and talks with him, we have the result, looking at him, soundly asleep on OUR bed tonite. Do not bother to get him inside his crib. Today is not his "crib day". Perhaps he wants security and some pampering.

Hope this will be a guideline for parents and friends out there. Do not give up trying. You may just find a way to sooth your child. Mum and dad knows best - get your instinct right and you will see wonders like I do. Happy exploring!

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  1. yeah but before he/she stops crying/whining...it can be very stressful & noisy!
    sometimes it took more than an hr to finally settle down the kid, ehhh?
    thks for sharing the tips, anyway!