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April's New Nanny

It has been weeks seeking a new nanny for April. We had enough reasons and excuses from the previous nanny. Taking care of 5 children at a time, telling us the maid runs off, April dont seem to get any attention and doctor has alerted on her slow development.
It wasn't easy from phone calling to meets up, chatting ie. interviewing, scanning through the place and environment, the nanny's experience and the pricing. Finally the day has come - April will be at new nanny's place for her first night tonight.
Anxious yet excited I am, our car reach the carpark of an apartment. To my mass surprise, we were greeted by nanny and her 4 children of 12th, 11th, 10th and 9th of age. They anticipated April's arrival so much, I could see and I can sense that April will be well taken care of here. Nanny carrying her while the children take care of her matress out from the car, one lead way to their house and yes, April is the princess. Its like a VIP arrival.
I took the baby items off the baggage while the children waited, here's the powder, the lotion, here comes the toys and the shirts and the pacifier. As they look on, I observed their eyes of excitement and wonders. Nanny took April for feeding and get her pyjamas on. You wouldn't imagine how warm is their welcome. The children are just too sweet to be mentioned - they are just too sweet. Each grab a toy playing and talking with April. Living in a small room apartment, their relations is a perfect example of a lovely home. 4 childrens is so close, it reminds me of my childhood. I lay myself on the bed - it just feel so cosy.
I could see April is happy being there, she is now the main attention and attraction.
Being a parent, I couldn't ask for more - she deserves to be loved.

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  1. you mean april is staying with the nanny's family?
    well our bb sitter has 2 daughters and a son...and they love playing with rachael as well...
    so nice to see such a wonderful
    family bonding :-)