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Mummy or Nanny?

I wonder if Jaden knows that nanny and mummy is NOT a word for ladies, is NOT the same species, is NOT the one who feeds, change nappies etc. He has been calling me mie-mie and sometimes he calls me "Nanny". Overacted, I screamed a thousand NO! I am your Mummy, not Nanny! Nevertheless, it’s cute. When he is waiting for his milk at night, if I am not at sight, he will call out few names just to be sure "Mie-Mie... Nanny....Mummy..." Oh dear! I hope he is improving in no times as I am kind of not into him calling me "Nanny" - sounds like those age ladies who breastfeed few child at a go. *wink*
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  1. hahaha...gv him some time and he will soon gets it right...
    my daughter calls me "mummy mummy" now and no more "cher cher"!




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