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Did we spent quality time with our child lately?

"Mummy is busy, play yourself". I realised I have been using this verse at recent times and guilt struck when I see him playing around himself. He is with a nanny day care for some time now and still not recuperating. Poor little one. Coming back from nanny place hearing mummy altered the same old word may trigger loneliness?
I decided to look around town and saw this "Fitfor2" centre which offers fit ball for mum and toddlers. After much consideration, I decide to bring Jaden for a trial. Packed and all set to Bangsar Village II. I am the only Chinese, all are expats. Gee.. This must be an expat hang out place. We nibbled a muffin and the class starts at 10.30 am after filling up some form. Being someone who hasn't workout for ages, I am nervous yet excited. The instructor took a box of toys and scattered around the place for the kids. Babies are kept in the pram besides momma, and toddlers like Jaden are allowed to be wandering in the room, playing balls and toys.
Grabbing the fitness ball, I am off bouncing my pounds off. A fun and rhythmic workout - not to mention the hand and thigh abs pain-a little numb too- thereafter. We can carry our toddler during certain workout, there is when I tot I should bring April instead. Haha. Up and down and swing.
Grab us a plate of penne with cheese which cost RM9 for an IKEA's colour plate serving. Parking cost RM4.50 for the 2 hour. I do think the course is not THAT expensive in comparison to the meals and parking fees.
Did I meet my objective - spent quality time together as mum and child? Partly yes and no. Mum is busy doing workout and when he shows me toys, I still utter the word "Mummy busy, play yourself". Alright, will go for a music class for toddlers - our next pit stop, mummy at the least have full concentration on just you.
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