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Jaden's new word - "Rubbish"

We used to see e-mails reading "Kids say the darnest thing" and yes, they are really innocent kiddos who will just make you laugh the way through. Recently, he has learn a new word from daddy. "Rubbish". Daddy showed him the pile of litter wrapped well in a black garbage bag. Kids are way too smart than I would have thought. Recent I am busy with my diaper cakes at home and the dining area has been my workspace. Never notice it was "really that messy" until he point to my pile of "art" and "junks" and say RUBBISH. Just yesterday he told me again, but this round, I ain't saw any "rubbish" and so, I ask him "Where dear, show to mummy.." and he walks while pointing to the bag of disposable diaper, with the "Jusco" plastic bags and says "Rubbish, there.....rubbish!" he certains. It was so funny and I think its time to de-clutter EVERYTHING, hoping it wouldn't look like rubbish to him. Darling, you are such a motivator - shall I say - our diciplinary teacher.

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  1. wow he sure picks up his vocab very fast! sure aint an easy word to pronouce at his age! smart boy *clap clap*