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CNY & Valentine 2011

Hi All,

I am back to work… time flies. LOL. Happy New year to all.

I had a great CNY leave, besides having to be the chief slave, chief cook, chief babysitting and chief home maker and being a massive fans of the “Shaun the Sheep”- thanks to Chang and Jaden makes all watch and giggles.

Jaden is getting is initial potty train started well, and little April manage to sleep in her own room well too and bid farewell to her pacifier. (Here are my proud story and you wouldn’t wanna to hear the other side of it – cranky babies, mummy, mummy, mummy, and mummy, and mummy kiss me goodnite, mummy I want to eat pancake, mummy I want to eat biscuit, mummy I want to watch Shaun the sheep… and list goes on and on….) LOL.

Whilst me and hubby only had all time by ourselves valentine night and yesterday but it’s a great one. Thanks to Runge too for the lucky draw and we had a great nite rest at JW Marriott. They gave a surprise and herein just sharing the pictures.

Had fun shopping around pavilion and area nearby and do check out a hokkien mee stall at isetan food court as you will be surprised! Lots of shopping rejuvenates definitely. LOL. And a fun laugh throughout the whole movie of : All’s Well End’s Well 2011 at GSC Cinema. A thumbs up.

Wishing everyone a great year ahead!

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