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Its a busy and happy year..

A year has passed. How time flies. I have learnt a lot along the way. Maybe I could scribble some here before my babies eventually wake up.

Jaden is now 3 years and he is still give us a lot of surprise phases. Getting along fine at my mum place so that hubby and I could wonder away for a date. Well, just need to reassure him that we will be back for him.

The other day I bought lots of toys from Candy, a friend we met at the dolphin show in Sunway, and we become close friend. Her preloved item is just great and both my lovey dovey loves them. Toys need not be expensive but need to be functional. Am now adopting a categories concept for all their toys so that the could place the item back to the same place after that.

This year, there will be no excape to get Jaden a school. Think he's ready to set on after his potty training but 3 years old is just too young for me, thus I opt to school him in year 4. He will still be attached to alternate Saturday playgroup this April and hope that he is all set next year. Being a kiasu parents as others, i did have a thinking to homeschool him - but my approach is to sent him to school which provide homeschool. But ofcourse, there are numerous thing to think of, syllabus, acceptance in college, social.. and the list goes on. Have a word or two, well more than that, a huge discussion it was. Friends, school, internet, and it seems a Chinese school for his primary and a private school for secondary may also could be considered giving way that there is an omission in UPSR and PMR exam. But how true, I need the readers to enlighten me.

As for April, my little one. She seems small but had a intelligent mind at times. Learning her step each day now, i could see a different her. She now listens and begin to understand us. Daddy is so happy last night that she actually pass something to him when ask. am really happy. Only god knows.

By the way, APril is diagnosed with William Syndrome, that was few months back. the news has not been easy for me and hubby, it wasn't really. But a big encouragement we had from family members, friends, doctors and theraphist gave me a different view to my only daughter. She is so special - everyone just loved her. She has this special attachment with everyone. That is a gift, and yes, she too give us lots of laughter I must admit, as well as tears. WOuld love to share in the next postings.

Home? Hubby and I have planted almost 3 months of our time and dedication and health to out lovely home. Kids has been away from home during the period of time. Renovation - its a crazy process especially when there is already a stay in. Imagine removing and packing things, clearing debrish, vacumming dust, Painting of walls, screaming at contractors, sourcing of material, blah blah blah...
Manage to get works done and voila! I am delighted as we settled down. We love our home, jaden and April got themselves a lovely room. ;) (Mum always ask me isn't it too early to get both of the kids in their own room?) - well, to our perspective its always easier to start young. They are getting it good, and its a wise choice for us. Jaden love to have dim light while sleeping while April love it dark. They have nice sleep as well as us. No more kicking around, turning and disturbing. ;D

Family and relationship? Its not a good news to hear breakup from your close ones. SOme things are just too complicated to describe, but it has now a norm, I have heard not one, but few of close ones being in the situation and I am really sad and felt for them. Marriage course is all I could advice them to go to, marriage time is all that we could spent to get back the sparks and yes will share in postings to come. Marriage is a long term learning course. It has never been easy nor its too hard, but both have to compromise and yes, we should learnt along the way...

My Life? Enjoying every bits and parcel of my age. LOL. Experiencing the best of life could be. Going out, meeting new friends, going for activities, training, games, new places, new food, experiencing new recipe, and the best of all (that will be in the next sector once I got the photography done next week)

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