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Playgroup 2011 by Community at Heart

It's School time for Jaden. Yes, it will be Jaden's 2nd year in playgroup. He enjoyed his first year and really looking forward for his 2nd year and mummy am too. Pretty delighted as mummy will be more involve this year, in volunteering to assist in Art and Craft session. Its gonna be fun!

For those who are new to playgroup or even doubtful on what playgroup is all about and ever wonder why is it for your kiddo? This page is for my darling friends and those who want to know more about what playgroup is about.

Play Group @ Community at Heart located at Tadika Anak Riang, Puchong. It advocates parent and child bonding through a time of constructive play and fun interaction. It believes in crafting sweet memories together as the parent purposefully gets involved in developing and growing his or her child.

They incorporate many other fun activities (painting, baking, play dough, teatime and lots more) to the delight of the children.

Here is a snapshot for last year visit to the Zoo. Jaden loves the trip.

Where is This?

Tadika Anak Riang

Child Age of Admission: 18 months to 4 years old (must be accompanied by one parent at least).

Held every FIRST and THIRD Saturday of the month (April-December), with a minimum contribution of RM50 for 3 months, they welcome you and your child to a fun and character building time.

For more information, please contact Teresa (012 2670 948)


  1. Hi, does the contribution of RM50.00 / month for 3 months = RM150.00, in order to take part in the playgroup? I'm from Puchong too.

  2. Hi Catherine, thanks for your interest in playgroup, its RM50 for 3 months. Yes, you hear it right. RM50 for 3 months. Let me know if you need assistance. cheers

  3. Hi Jessie, I've contacted Teresa for the playgroup, she told me that next activity is by 2 July - the picnic. I won't be able to join, but I'm hoping to attend the 16th July playgroup. Hope to see you then ^_^