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CitySquare Shooting Gallery Segambut- Its a Bang! Bang! Bang! Weekend

Splendid weekend I had with hubby, sis and Jack. Ofcourse, the activity for today will never be materialised if it weren't our parents. Mum and dad take care of Jaden, April and Runyi for us. ;D. Hurray, off we go to Segambut for our much awaited gun session.

I am NOT into his but it turns out ok for me. Only 5 shots, manage to get it right. Kinda shaky as am freaking out. I scared the instructor as after each shot I handled the gun towards him. ;P
It was fun. Guns are for ladies too, at least my sis proves that girls can do a better job. Try it out ladies and mummies, at least for once of its kind experience while having fun with your hubbies. And now I know what is the difference holding a Glock 17 and Glock 19.

Thumbs UP!
Where is This?
9th Floor, Menara TKSS, 206, Jalan Segambut, 51200KL

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