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Mothers Day is Approaching...

Had fun putting in some notes and thought of putting up here. ;) Am really anxious to see my picture on Mothers day advertisement and banner in the Mines next month. My first lifetime experience. Meanwhile, scribbling a little poem for mum in Parenthots @ the Star. ;)

Vivien is her name, "Ah siew" is her nick name,
My mother ain't facebook or twitter lover, but she is using skype better,
She ain't got any PHD, but has a great parenting philosophy,
She ain't a doctor, but remedy is on her finger tips,
She ain't got any Clutch bag, I regard her as the perfect discount catcher,
She ain't the best cook, but she always serve's my best yong tau foo,
She ain't best granny, but she will take care of my babies when we want to go retreat,
She ain't no superwoman, she is just my ever lovely mother who deserves a "SLICE OF HEAVEN"
Happy Mother's Day, Mum. Thank you will not be enough said. Stories will not be enough told, but you will be treasured and being yourself will leave a legend to us in times to come and forever more....

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