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Encouraging child to Read & Learn

Its never too young to start to read early. Jaden has been going to playgroup since he was two and he can speaks well, and I think he is now ready to read and to enrol him into preschool. He has been showing the interest in grabbing books, asking me to read to him, asking, why, who, where... and has just recently learn how to role play, he is the teacher and teach us to sing too.

I have bought lots of books, inclusive peter and jane, alphabets, letters, and now exposing him to various self printed flash cards. Flash card are varies from animal and their babies, pictionary to built his vocabulary, planets name and life cycle of animals and insects, and we tell story based on the lifecycle. By reading to him, and he reads back, it helps and you will be surprise on how much he learnt. I have also flashcard which i printed out "YELLOW" in bold yellow font, so that he will know "Y.E.L.L.O.W" stand for yellow.

We also visited the "Dino Alive" show in National Science Centre last week, and he can picture what he has read about the planets, and on life cycles. And he actually amaze on how huge is the dinasaur in the centre. With this, he could tell us stories and have more interest with his books than just merely telling him to read blankly.

Parents can search kindergarten materials from KMode Marketing in Puchong for flash card and USL in Subang for its lovely quality flashcard holder. I have also bought some sentence making flashcards and letters, so that I could combine them and make into words for his reading. By seeing lots more of these combination, he can then built more fun words and will assist him in reading.

Reward chart are useful too, parent could try to reward them if they have read well, by giving simple encouragement, like hugs, movie out, play outdoor etc.

This is how I think children should learn - in a fun manners. ;)

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