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Mummy - learn from our mistakes

Jaden has inspired me with lots of thing especially in our daily life. As I was driving both of them to caretakers, we pass the guard house and every morning without fail the guard would say "Good Morning , Madam, have a nice day!" and repeat with "Good morning baby! How are you? or Have a nice day, baby!". His daily greeting makes a lovely day.

Having repeatedly say my mum is a nag, I didn't realized I always ask Jaden the same question. "Jaden, why didn't you say good morning Uncle" or "say hello?" - No manners you know, when someone greets you you must greet them back.

He is silent and kept quiet. "Reply mummy please, ok?" "Jaden??"

"Mummy, the window is close, cannot see uncle"

I gulped and stoned a second before continuing with "Oh, I am sorry, you mean you can't see uncle thats why you didn't say Good Morning?" "Alright, I will open the window next time for you, ok? and he replied OK.

I am blushed. and he really surprised me, I understate him. But it was hilarious and told hubby that this guy is just too smart. I should change too, I think I am a little nagger these days.. LOL.

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