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Tea Talk - How to improve intimacy in your relationship

Thanks to my mum again for looking after our lil monster and off we go, the four of us - me, hub, sis, Jack to this so-called 3 hours tea talk from Great Eastern. ;) 1.30pm-4.30pm is the agenda on the print, but 2.45 to start it out and ended 5.30 is a bit tiring.

We have book earlier through phone, be there and paid RM5 per person, and we enjoyed a fruitful talk, goody bag, samples and lucky draw!

Where is This?

Great Eastern Hall,
Level 6, Menara Great Eastern.
GPS coordinate 101.736842, 3.160160

It features USA-licensed family therapist Dr Johnben Loy, famous funny man Douglas Lim, and self defense master Sonny Loke. The talk is about how partners should communicate effectively for better relationship, and how sex and money does play a role in a relationship, how to listen and talk effectively.

Dr Johnben Loy have the similar content with the marriage course that I attended but have more theory. But sad that there is some error in the video, thus it was a bit bored.

I personally enjoyed laughing to the funny story from Dauglas Lim, especially with his rabbit story, how true! I am also inspired with the showcase and steps of simple self defense by Sonny Loke and his team - group of people from Aikido Dojo

We are lucky that day, Jack has got a huge bottle of Evening primrose oil - that will be my sis belongings, and I got a Gintell eye massager with a GE tote bag. Ahh... Am so so happy, well worth for a RM5 and the wait. ;)

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    Intimacy in marriage has a significant symbolic importance as it can represent the greatest single factor of disappointment in a relationship. It’s not that intimacy is everything; this notion is absurd. But a good intimate relationship with your partner is important. In fact, if you and your partner agree that you have a good intimacy, it probably represents only 10-20 percent of what you feel is important in your relationship. But if you and your partner don’t agree that your intimacy is healthy, it can become a dominant issue; one that can overshadow everything else that is good. When intimacy becomes an issue, there is an unhealthy tension between partners. Anxiety, rejection, hurt feelings, guilt, inadequacy, and resentment become all too common. Because intimacy is so personal, feelings of rejection in this particular area are magnified dramatically. Rejection in this area is much more painful than being told you don’t look good in yellow or the joke you told wasn’t funny. http://www.newportpsychotherapy.com/psychology_topics/intimacy_marriage_therapist.html