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Secretary Symposia National Conference 2011 - Celebrating Administrative Brilliancy

Secretary, Office Administrator and PA needs to sharpen their saw and that's what the above mentioned conference is about.

Here's some highlight of this year Conference:
- How to Think Like your Boss
- Wake up to Dazzle
- Managing Your Role to Finish Well
- Do you have a Perfect Match?
- Gorgeous, Sexy and Rich (Money for Women in Good and Tough times)
- You are more Beautiful than you think
- 8 ideas to Boost your Career
- It's All About You!

Had a great time with their activity, and looking at the crowd of 380 delegates and most of them are not their first year in the yearly conference, I would say that they are the preferable sought after training provider for Secretarial conference in Kuala Lumpur. Held at Seri Pacific Hotel, Kuala Lumpur on 27-28th April 2011.

My personal rating:

a) The crowd is just too large and those who are seated in the corner are less attentive too.
b) The conference is great for HR networking as you can meet a number of lovely secretaries.
c) The topics here are very general if you compared to a more precise workshop. Here, you will probably have fun singing or dancing rather than focusing on the topics so much.

Apart from my lil' drawback, I am really delighted to be one of the "Ms. Winning Smile 2011" - 2nd runner up among 380 delegates. Got myself a SunGlass, love it as hasn't got one.

Being a leader to a small group of new fun friends has made a great 2 days too. Had so much laughter and appreciate the friendship very much.

Whats excite me more is one of them approach me asking whether I am in a magazine years back and ask how is Jaden? (That must be Parenthood 2008), I was like "Wow" but keep it humble. Never know someone remembers.

Back to conference, I still love the image workshop given by Sheila Wong @ SWET Advancement Centre Sdn. Bhd.
The best workshop and yes, you will give away your crocs shoe and it will transform your being. Love you Sheila and I do not mind going to your workshop with another crocs knowing that I will be secured with more of your valuable and powerful comments. ;)

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