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Jessie Koo Advertisement @ The Mines Shopping Mall

The much awaited moment is here. Delighted and anxious I am, being chosen as the talent for The Mines My Lovely Mum 2011 advertisement last month has been a unforgettable experience. Here is the snapshot:

Walking into The Mines shopping mall today has gave me a different experience today. There is a huge advertisement printing of myself inside the lift at the door, and my son is giggling there seeing the familiar face. Advertisement board in the shopping center is up with the picture, and every merchandise shop has one of this at their cashier - the portrait of Jessie Koo. My family is there with me and hope I have made them proud.

Seems like another dream come true as felt very very lucky to be selected. Again, thank you Capital Land and The Mines for this first in the lifetime experience. ;)

Where Is This?

Level 3, Centre Court, The Mines
Sunday, May 8 · 3:00pm - 5:00pm

Come and witness the Crowning of My Lovely Mum 2011 Champion! Top 12 finalists will be seen in casual and evening wear! There will be AWESOME dancing happening as well, and that's not all...they have a SPECIAL celebrity attending the Grand Final...

So, mark May 8 as the date to remember on your calendar and make your way to THE MINES next Sunday at 3pm!

One of the gorgeous photo courtesy from hubby collections:

Any bigger picture? Yes, there are aplenty, but you will get a different experience seeing the great show yourself.

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