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How my Mothers Day end up being Children's Day. ;p

Now probably I would understand Mother's Day mean to be away from child for few hour without any interruption, have one day ALL by herself, enjoyed what she love for a day. Not necessary spending money, but just manage to complete a show would be lovely.

Yesterday mark a day - how formal. ;P

Mothers Day 2011

AM: Settling down children. Pack Jaden favourite toys, and his favourite cup in a bag.
NOON: Sending Both to Nanny place, keep reminding Jaden that we will be away for few hours and that he NEED to be at nanny place with April and there is goh-goh (brother) and che-che (sister) to play with him. He say okay. How convincing!


Upon leaving nanny place, Jaden screams and yells as wouldn't want to be there. But.. but.. how about all the promises?? I left as wanted him to be independent. From the ground floor, we still can hear him scream his mighty voice on level 3.


Went to see The Mines My Lovely Mum 2011 final show, and how smooth... and a phone call from nanny and mum in law at the same time in the midst of show to tell me Jaden cry nonstop looking for mummy, then he request to be sent to his granny place and they did.. Aww... and he lived happily ever after.

Moral of the Story: Kids are smart in doing drama, and smart to rescue himself by crying, so parents, don’t easily get fooled.


Despite his CLEVER behavior and to ensure that we are always there for him (a bit sarcastic here), we bring him to shopping for a toy and some yummy food of his choice.

Don't you think it’s more like a children's day instead?

A hot bath in the midnight is my own time yesterday as I sleep through the entire night like a log.

Happy Mother's Day to All. For me, we are strong and I believe that everything is possible! ;)

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