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William Syndrome : PWD Organisation

When my article is published in the Star Newspaper recently, I am delighted in having much advice, support, well-wishers and feedback from private organisation, doctors, schools, mothers and professors.

Thanks and I really appreciate those information and to be part of the great society of PWD's. Having my daughter actually opens and change my thoughts on PWD, and how an organisation like this brings hope and wonders to them.


For me, a little of William really bring cheers as they have not much worries in comparison with my elder son. Happy and outgoing, definitely agree on her safety and is working out on that. Jaden used to be a little jealous with his sister, but now look at him! He ask us to pick April up to go out together, cry with her, and learnt along the way. that is the pride of a mother, I think. The love of a brother, and I am happy of who April are. Someone who bring changes to another kid of mine. April are also someone you can talk almost all nonsense and she just listens and smile.. (even got scold) and somehow you wont feel like scolding her. ;P - Janet say I am too soft with her.


This special column is highlighted for PWD - Person With Dissability. We have a large community who connect with each others for support and sharing of information. Kindly e-mail me so that we could include you in the loop for activity, news and the progress of the organisation to support PWD in the country.

You are not alone there, as we shared our passion in bringing up our child, with the support of loving individuals around the country. ;)

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