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How to Handle a Cranky 3 years old

When you hear people say terrible three, you will be asking yourself whether that really happens? I would say YES! Finally I have today, a peaceful day to blog after the hectic, adventurous weekend. Jaden has been very cranky lately. He wants his own way, he wants new adventure, he wants to explore new toys, he wanted to go new place and he even want to learn new songs, taste new food and make his sister DOES different funny things to make himself laugh. YES, you didn't hear me wrong as mine did that. But, we find it great as it makes us laugh too. Silly but that is the joy that we have as parent of two. Valuable and Fantastic.

We finds different way to please them, and for me, (trying by not increasing my voice and sounds like a crazy mummy), here you go some to-do list on the rescue:

a) Get them enough nap in their golden 2pm nap time. It works wonder if you want them to behave and give you happy faces during your day out.

b) Bring enough supplies of biscuits, drinks and healthy junks and a stroller with their favourite toys while you want to enjoy a performance, show or even a movie. Tested that. I bring 2 kiddies to a movie. Overall rated of behaviour satisfaction: 8.9/10.

Tips and trick: Bring them to a fun-packed animation movie like RIO. (Forget about the mess, as long as we enjoyed the movie as a family) End of the day: you will find peeled banana skin in your bag, biscuits wrapper and dirtied wet tissue and biscuits crumb on your lap. ;P - a good try for me though. Hubby even make a board to place both of them on top of the cinema seat. Pavillion Kuala Lumpur will have a wide and cleaner cinema seat for family.

c) My way to handle tantrum: to put them in their "crying" corner. Once done, they will come to you and look for tissue to wipe their tears.
Highlight: If ever you have had your child with in law, rules no 1 - step out when they cry as with definite their grandparent will be protective and child will be of a drama king. Our thought on crying kids are so much different, hence do not felt hopeless as you are not alone. ;P

d) Filled them with activities:

- do it yourself flash card (lifecycle of animals and insects - they love to see how it works)

- sand art (boys did it and wanted to mix colours, but I didn't see much excitement he had here compare to girls)

- swimming and bath toys during bath time. (make their bath time more fun and enjoyable, you will have more time similing than shouting at them, they will spend more time playing rather than concentrating on the irritating shampoo on their face) Check out Mimi Loves Fish by K Kid - it works wonder as both my kiddies enjoy scooping the floating fish from the net.

- give them a scissor and a coloured paper and they will facinated by their own skill for a day. Give them a small cup to place the pieces or it will be everywhere on the floor.

- sticker book

- one nursery rhymes book (you sing with them with action and they can giggles for hour) eg of one you can fit in great moves. "Ring O Roses", "Pat A Cake", "Row A Boat", "Alligator Alarm" just to name a few.

- get them a set of musical instruments to make a band as a family.

Above is just some of the activities we can have at home or outdoor. Have fun with them at minimal cost. Its an alternative going to shopping malls these days. ;)

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