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Cyberwellness Workshop for Parents

This is a realistic scenario today: Our children spend half of their waking hours in cyberspace, while parents unfamiliar with the internet gradually lose confidence in parenting because they do not know what their children are up to, and cannot understand why they seem so disconnected from the family.

Community At Heart is excited to bring you this practical workshop on 23 Jul, 10am – 3pm to help parents and educators understand youths as well as learn tips on how to engage them on internet issues. Many have been able to overcome cyberspace barriers and learnt to connect with their children after attending these workshops.

This in-depth workshop will explore specific trends and segments of today’s cyber world, how they work as well as its benefits and dangers and focus specially on:
Social Media

We hope YOU will be able to conquer the fears you may have of the cyberspace, bond with your children through using the internet, and make the most of the internet in your parenting journey!

Register NOW! Any questions, please feel free to call Carolyn 016 333 0505 or Community At Heart.

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