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Photography @ KLCC Park

Weekend has been fun - you hear it right (FUN). Fun chasing the kids, fun pleasing them with their demanding gestures ie food, carry up and down, strolling them around, and the best place you can go is park and this week we are at KLCC park!

KLCC park is great for a kids hangout as there is a lot of playground for them to mingle around, climb up and down, to and fro, they got so excited with things and it can last up to hours of excitement for the adventureous and non-adventurous one will not be bored just looking at other kids.

I had a towel on my head as ohh.. hasn't been sweating too much lately, not even after pilate. ;P

Mummy tries daddy's gadget on the kids and awesome weather do a little trick. It turns out well, and I got a pat on the back for a good shot. ;D

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