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When will my child walk and talk?

Often we awaits our child to talk and walk, anticipation for these milestones. It came naturally and they will get to that before 2 years old.

April's milestone come and go, give a little hope to us,the proud parent and didn't walk after her 7-8 steps. She called daddy, dirty, aunty in her early months and didn't repeat her vocal and till now. Daddy is hoping to hear the word "papa" so badly. Nope, didn't utter any. Dissapointed at times, he would just sum it off by dissapointment and at little times get "angry". Sad to see the situation as I am unsure and helpless at times. She would say " aaa.. aaa... aa...." resembles of some kind of communication with us, but to us, it doesn't sound a word or phases.


Going through physio and speech theraphy, I know she is trying to communicate at her best, seeing her expression let me know her needs, we do not speak but its somehow by eye contact or the feeling of she wanting something, whether its a hug, food, toys, play - its just the connection that we built within that can't be describe in words.


April gave us surprise at times, to be able to hold on things to walk, to be able to hum 2 songs which she hear often in the car, one nursery rhyme and another is a musical.

My angel has turns two in a glimpse. How time flies and darling, we are still ancitipate the moment you will be walking in front of us. Daddy and mummy dreamt of you running around happily and we would love that in reality in a near time. ;)

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