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www.rwgenting.com & Strawberry Farm at Genting Highland

It has been a fruitful days Uphill in Genting Highland last weekend. Despite the drizzling rain on the first day, I guess the kids enjoy indoor and outdoor too.

A credit to be given to hubby for his patient despite busy with his work email, and the kids for their good behavior during the 3 days.

Why do I say its a fruitful trip? Hubby got his day out, away from the city and plays like a teenage boy giving himself ample rides on the thrills, bumper cars, 4D show and blah blah blah. While the kids astonished me - Jaden conquered his fear by riding the horse, go to 8 times of train ride by himself, and got both of us dizzy riding the cup with April. Its so dizzy for us, that we felt like throwing out but oh.. the kids, they enjoyed it and ask us to spin it fast. That is the generation gap. Couldn't help it but we are really a little too wise for the ride. LOL.

Will chip in more when I am free for Genting trip.

Meanwhile on the 3rd day, it was sunny and cool and we are heading to Strawberry Farm. Its a flash back of Cameron Highland where we had April made there. Sounds funny, but we are bringing April there to find her lost chromosome. ;P

She dressed up like a strawberry that day, hubby claimed. She loves the strawberry, the way she eat, its just so satisfying, but to us its a little sour, but sweeter than the one in Cameron - my personal opinion.

While Jaden had been busy plucking strawberry and keep saying mummy, where is the basket? I want to pluck strawberry. He did it himself and really happy and proud with his strawberries.

Its worth to check out the Strawberry Farm in Genting Highland, big and cosy strawberry cafe, huge souvenir area, vegetable and plants, strawberry and even honeys. Worth a trip with the kids to expose them to nature, plants and an experience to pluck their own strawberry - an hour drive from Kuala Lumpur is definitely a better choice compare to Cameron Highland - what would you think?

Give it a go! The farm is just next to the condo at Gohtong Jaya town. Ample car park at Gohtong sport centre and it’s a free parking.

Where is This?

Genting Strawberry Farm

Here is the map: http://www.gentingstrawberry.com/gentingstrawberry/map.htm

Open from 9.00 am till 7.00 pm. Entrance is FREE


  1. enjoying the genting trips sis. will drop by the strawberry park in oct. hehe .our anniversary time :). got honey? what they sell? honey in bottle?

  2. Happy 2nd Anniversary to you both. ;) There is lots of stall, from honey to vege to souvenirs. May just have to pull back Runyi a little as she will widen up her eyes looking into so many toys in display particularly Angry Birds merchandise as this moment. ;D