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April at 29 months

As when I thought April is asleep with no noise for quite some time, she start to make sound from her tongue and "tak tak tak" just like the sound of cricket in the middle of the night... zzzzz (somehow it reminds me of the german cockroaches in TPM's toilet)..I must have been too tired. Nite!

Before this, she has been in her crib playing the maze or the spiral. I am amazed with her development, I mean her motor skills, her patience, never really seen her so patient before with her toys. She ensure the blocks are well spiral to the other end and she clapped her hand once accomplished. I set my eyes on her and felt so pleased.

Lately she hum to the rhythm of the smurf song, mulberry bush, twinkle lil star, ring a ring o roses and many more. My cute lil one grew elder each day, getting more girlish each day. Can't get enough of her intimate kiss for mummy and daddy.;)

Now she called mamamamama and papapapa. Its a heaven of joy. The naked truth is she only call when she wants something. Duh, but better than nothing, so to get her to call me, I would purposely not to carry her, walk away going out without her and she would call mamamamammamaa! ;D

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