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Jaden at 44 months

There are times we wanted our child to stay as lil baby and that's how we want them to be. Kids grow in a blink and mummy son deserves a big big pat on his back lately. A lot of star for him for his accomplishments:

a) Jaden holds April hand and leads her to walk together while mummy hand occupying the groceries and bags.
b) Jaden is now more understanding. Mummy, please help April to take off her shoe - not wanting me to nag April for taking off her shoe and play in the car.
c) Jaden reminds me to bath after I settled him and April to sleep. (am flattered - and felt like how I used to nag my mum to bath at nite)
d) Jaden request to play with his neighbour friend
e) Coping well at nanny place while his grandma is off for vacation.
f) While I am busy in the kitchen, he washes his own hand and pour himself a cup of water to drink after meal.
g) Figured out the kiddo laptop himself.
h) Imaginative with his Lego set
i) and many more...

A darling he is, he made our day. He is such a big boy. He told us he is getting taller mummy...but maybe a little mischievous - his little mind is quick enough to always think of something.

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  1. so pandai wo pour water and drink himself. i wonder mine when will drink more water