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London The Summer Musical @ Sunway Lagoon Amphitheater

Its my lucky day. It has been long since I listen to MixFM and yes on the way to work, I tune in and just on time, make the right call and I couldn't belief it when I won 4 ticket to the premier of The London The Summer Musical happening at Sunway Lagoon Amphitheater from 1st June - 8th July 2012. A long queue as it was drizzling. The train will need to transport the guest to the theater area. Well, worth the long wait and I was really amazed with the lovely place. There are red carpets, well, you kinda need to clear your frills due to the rain, so its kinda dodgy.

The show was fantastic, love the song, the melody, the chereography and yes the costume were just splendid. There is a 10 min break, and I never wanted to wait for the 10 minutes as the show is really great - maybe this is my first musical, but I belief I would turn in for more in the future. ;) Need not write further as you gotta go. ;)


  1. That's good that you enjoyed this musical, since it's ur 1st time watching then I hope u won't mind reading my harsh comments on this musical in my blog (which will be posted in a few days later)! Hahaha... take care!

  2. I went for the London the Summer Musical last night and it was a good one.

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