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Mother and Son Connection by Focus Of The Family Malaysia

Since when you had a day solely for your son- dating him for an activity,  just you and him. I am as guilty and that I should do it more often. 

He is really looking forward to it and everything else doesn't matter if he could spent time with me. Imagine my car air conditioning did not function on the way to tropicana for this event. We was like in sauna, I say please sun go away super hot.  He tells me it's OK mum. We still need the sun,  without it the galaxy will not survive. I laughed. 

Here is our Mother and Son Connecting snapshot:

We started out with a registration and posing pictures for the photo booth. 3 poses and the photo is printed for us to keep.

Finding our seat and he chooses one behind an instant friend whom he meet.
Well, obviously, we have all only mothers and son in the hall.

On speakers,  she shares her experience on how growing up with 3 boys, with different personality. While boys giving their thought on how they are being bought up. This is great as we can somewhat relates to our future with our son, and work it out now knowing what relationship we want to have with them in the future.

Next we have some quizzes and treasure hunt to work out in a mother and son team. He was really delighted when we got it all right and got himself a sweet treat to share with his new friend.

The treasure hunt is wonderful as you will be surprise how much he remember the place that he saw and run like a lightning. I had to catch up. We manage to find 8 puzzle pieces but he left me solving the riddle myself. Lol. I can't post the riddle picture here else it wont be fun for you who is joining them in future.

It has been a wonderful date as we ended the session with creating our themed breakfast. Taking our own ingredients from the shared tables and creating our own.  And we came out with this for the robotic theme:

Truly enjoy the time that we had. He is looking forward for fathers n son camp now.

You can check out more info on their webpage here.

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