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WS at 3 years 5 months

Jennifer came today evening. It was another hour session after a year visit. April greet her and Jaden wanted her attention, shows her his new LEGO car collection that hubby got for him.

Seriously, I wasn't fond of sports - AT ALL. And playing with sands...hmm.. hesitate a little. Yes, even the sand container from Step 2, I filled it with water so I would name it water play instead of sand play. Jennifer hears me and she chuckles.

Get her on with lots of sport, like climbing, playing frisbees, playground, racquets, cycling, swimming and a long list. That alarms me. Heat, sweat, @@

And get her on sand in your sand container. Sand Play. Alarm me again. Sand all over the balcony, cleaning up the balcony, sand over body, nails, and what if it rains and rain got into the containers etc. She laughed. Just get her some sand, clean it up and let her play.

Get her Play Doh. She will put in her mouth. Well, get her home made flour.

Oh dear. Lets hear some explaination and I think I will keep this going on.

All these will get her muscle toned. With muscles, and a lot of sports and sand play, it helps in coordination. Try throwing a frisbee. It needs her to learn to take turn, to look at catching the frisbee etc. Tricycle will help in coordination too.

April is doing good, it just that I will need a lot of persistence to keep it going and never to give up.

On schooling, she will be on 3 years study next year, and looking into she loves music, I wont be pushing her hard on academic. Will really need to see her field of interest. Jeniffer assures me great Olympic achievers are from ADHD child. Special child too. So, we need to unleash their best in them.

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