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Viv's Boutique Cafe & Restaurant - Eat, Drink & Be Pleasant

Want to take a break from the usual busy TTDI? Take a stroll along Jalan Wan Kadir 1 and you will find an exclusive boutique restaurant for a quiet time.

Viv's is a nice cozy restaurant with nice western white interior setting.

Thanks for the food tasting invitation and we are grateful for the great host and explanation on the food, and lots of Viv's.

Mushroom Soup: Love the garlic slice - spiced well. Soup is well-blended with chops of mushroom. Love the presentation.
Tomato Soup: A tint of spicy with tomato paste taste - not my favorite; however it does has a unique taste.

Viv's Lunch Promo

Viv's Best Selling and A Must Try: The Mango Injection Salmon.Combination of Mango Sauce with Pan Grilled Salmon, Accompanied with sesame mashed potato,pumpkin puree & side of unagi reduction!

Highlight is on the presentation. Credit to the chef who take care of the small details. Its a worth to wait meal at Viv's. Salmon taste juicy with tint of mango sauce.

Viv's Chef has been in various competition and no doubt by judging the much effort on the taste, not forgetting the impression too. ;)

Lamb to marinate more & more mint sauce would be great 
For those who loves Big Breakfast...sausage taste good

Meals are not complete without Viv's Signature Dessert, the Chocolate Aquarium.Served in a coqnac glass stuffed with chocolate fudge, vanilla ice cream and chocolate soil. 
Serving not much, presentation is great, if only the ice-cream could be replaced by a softer vanilla ice-cream.


Food pricing are reasonable if we compare it to a concept and boutique restaurant. ;)

Where is This?

VIV's Boutique Cafe & Restaurant

No. 16, Ground Floor,
jalan Wan Kadir 1 
Taman Tun Dr Ismail,
60000 Kuala Lumpur

Contact Number:


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