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TokyoNinki "Experience Your Newborn Beauty"

Cason Trading Launches 3 New Japan Brands for Your Experience of Newborn Beauty

With the ever fun Jenn :)

Dot free –Fight your "Dots" away
Blemishes, dry skin and wrinkles are the 3 "Dots" or the main skin problems. We need to get rid of the "Dots" in order to achieve genuinely beautiful skin . These "Dots" were gradually alleviated by using Dot free, the skincare cosmetic that contains Live collagen.
 Live collagens provide superb moisture care to skin, by retaining a triple helix structure identical to the collagens found in our skin tissues where surface area is larger, resulting in exceptional moisturizing properties, unlike the usual collagens that are either heated or have unraveled.

 The top-selling package is Dot free Resilience Line (face wash and All in One essence) that contains 3 types of collagen including "live collagens", "permeable collagens", and "succinylatedatelocollagens" provides a finish for the skin with moisture, firmness and resilience.If you want to get a bright, deeply moisturized skin, you can get Dot fee Medicated White Line (Face Wash and All in One Essence) with its triple whitening formula including Vitamin C, Arbutinand Saxifrage that fight off melanin, a substance in skin that causes blemishes and freckles.
 Purevivi, Your4in1 Multipurpose Cleansing Lotion

 Here are the 4 functions Purevivi cleansing lotion can do for your beautiful skin:
1. Remove Makeup: Removes all trace of makeup, including water proof makeup and glue on fake eyelashes.
2. Cleansing: Can be used to cleanse face with cotton pad ,removing all trace of dirt on our skin. The best part is you do not need to clean your face with water, leaving your skin feeling soft ,hydrated and fresh.
4.Soothing:Soothes stressed skin to reduce redness and itch on the skin. For acne prone skin ,it works best  to reduce redness and also sensitivity.
Purevivi is safe to use and suits all types of skin, especially sensitive skin as it does not contain Fragrance, Coloring, Paraben, Cation and also Alcohol. It also leaves our skin fresh without feeling oily after every usage.

 Reborn Your New Feet – Baby Foot

Most of us do not realize that our feet were overworked and tired, causing ugly, rough sole and dead skin problems.  Therefore, here comes Baby Foot Easy Pack series being your feet caretaker. Launched since 1997, and being awarded for Cosmetic Innovators of The Year (CITY) Awards – COSMETIC INNOVATOR OF THE YEAR 2015 and Watsons HWB Awards 2015 – The Most Wanted Foot Mask in 2015, this new Baby Foot Easy Pack 30 minutes version  is developed in particular to care for the dead skin cells which produce problems with the sole.

Till now, Baby Foot Easy Pack has been sold off at a total of 10 million pairs in more than 50 countries worldwide.

The secret ingredient is Fruit Acid, which penetrates into the layer of dead skin cells and works on the desmosomes between the skin layers, enabling easier peeling. With additional 17 types of natural extracts with a high moisturizing power input in the Baby Foot Easy Pack, the dead skin peels off naturally, giving you a pair of reborn feet with soft skin, just like the baby skin.

Baby Foot has been continually redeveloped and revised in its packaging, to ensure the comfort, and the effectiveness of the product. All you need is 30 minutes to leave on your feet in Baby Foot Easy Pack at home.


Thanks again Cason Trading for having us, launching your product at this cool place. One of its kind and appreciate of this great hosting of yours. Great spokesperson too. It was a cheerful, pampering and relaxing afternoon at Ossoto Spa KL. This event has successfully brought together a total of 60 pax of beauty media, professionally from newspaper, magazine, bloggers, and digital media.

The exciting event started off in the afternoon as the media guests arrived at the Ossoto Spa at 2:30pm. The crew using Bonavoce waterproof eyeliner to draw on guest’s hand, where later on, we removed the eyeliner effectively using PureVivi Cleansing Lotion

Jenn Chia, event host, who was The new 8tv Quickie host, officially launched the event by welcoming Watsons VIPs – Ms Caryn Loh, the General Manager, Hamilah, the Admin Manager, Shureen Lim, Marketing Manager, Jude Benjamin Lisa, the Assistant Marketing Manager and Siew Phooi, the Buyer, and our honored guests. An interactive puzzle game session was held, followed by a welcome speech by Ms Caryn Lee, Watson’s Assistant Sales Manager.

At 4pm, Cheesie, who is Cason Trading’s beauty ambassador and also Malaysia top international blogger, was invited to share some beauty tips and also to do some live demo on some of our guests, to show you the effectiveness of the beauty products, such as Dotfree All in One Essence and Purevivi Cleansing Lotion.

After the product demo, we got to try our foot treatment using BabyFoot in 30 minutes time, where we were informed that we should see dead foot skin being peeled off after 3-4 days time. 

The memorable product launch event ended at 5:30pm, where Cason Trading sponsored each of us a complimentary partial body massage and generous beauty goody bags. The best was we were able to continue to enjoy the spa services in Ossoto within 24 hours upon checking in.

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