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Signature Snack - Healthy Fresh Delivered

Thanks Signature snack for the snack review. Fast and easy to use online apps indeed.
Here are some snapshot of the mobile apps.

  • 1. Select Subscription Package
  • We have a few packages to cater for your monthly snack needs.

  • 2. Select Your Snacks
  • Select your preferred snacks from our huge variety or let us surprise you with our best sellers.

  • 3. Delivered to Your Door
  • You will receive your snacks monthly on the soonest delivery date.

Signature snacks have over 50 snacks to choose from.
They will introduce 2 - 3 new snacks every month.
Choose surprise me to let them surprise you with our their monthly new snacks.
Why Signature Snack?     a)    Freshly Baked – The kitchen bakes every week so the customer always
          get the freshest product     b)    Really Delicious – The secret recipe is actually freshness.
          Nothing beats freshness baked goodness     c)    Over 50 snacks – 50 wholesome snacks to choose from.
          Signature snack offers 3-5 new snacks a month     d)    100% Natural – Signature snacks don’t use artificial flavours, no trans-fat,
          and no preservatives     e)    Weight Loss – Nuts and seeds can satisfy your hunger between meals,
          improve your diet     f)     Health Benefits – Dried fruits, nuts and seed are rich in antioxidant, vitamins,
          minerals and phytonutrients.   Here are their snacks listings to choose from:

   Every month, you will receive 5 full-sized pouch of naturally, healthy, delicious snacks! Do allow 2 - 3 weeks for your 1st box. The snacks are freshly bake weekly hence it is worth the wait.
MonthlyRM 59.90/month
QuarterlyRM 56.90 /month
5% D
Semi-AnnualRM 53.90/month
10% Discount
YearlyRM 47.90/month
20% Discount
I love surprises hence, here comes my surprise box! Sur
prise box comes handy when you have trouble choosing.
Best part is you can taste different snack all the time as they keep your order records.
Love every bites of each. But the anchovies somehow doesn't blend into for me,
but it taste interesting as I love pistachio.
Roasted Garlic Pumpkin Seed,Hawaiian Melon Granola, Anchovy Pistachio

       My 5 surprise Signature Snacksa)    Date Pieces with Oat Flavour 160g
            Safawi Dates is a soft, moist variety from Saudi Arabia, cultivated in Madinah.            It is coated with oat flour. Deliciously sweet. Ingredients: Safawi Dates , Oat Flour

b)   Hawaiian Melon Granola 160g
Tropical combination of coconut, melon seed, almond & oats.Burst with coconut taste. Ingredients: Coconut Flakes, Melon Seed, Almond,
Oats , Coconut Cream Powder , Honey. 
c)    Cranberry Almond Cruncher 120g
Crunchy texture, exotic flavor combined with chewy cranberry & blackcurrant.Ingredients: Brown Sugar, Corn Syrup, Himalayan Salt, Cinnamon,
Cranberry, Blackcurrant, Almond, Sesame Seed
Cranberry Almond Crucher

d)   Anchovy Pistachio 115g
Anchovy are air fried without oil. The pistachio are seasoned with Thai inspired fish sauce.Really Interesting combination. Taste fishy lol.Ingredients: Pistachio, Anchovy, Lemon, Soy Sos, Fish Gravy, Chili, Ginger, Garlic, Pasley
e)    Roasted Garlic Pumpkin Seed 200g
Healthy pumpkin seed, garlic taste. Best eats with salad or by itself.Garlic tasteIngredients: Pumpkin Seed , Garlic Powder , Salt (Himalayan Rock Salt)

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