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Nap Pod @ I'm So Sleepy

Naps can even have a physical benefit. In one study of 23,681 Greek men over six years, the participants who napped three times per week had a 37% lower risk of dying from heart disease. Not to mention a host of other positive outcomes that might occur from regular napping.

I wouldn’t say nap pod as you will be expecting a far too advance nap pod just like in Google’s office – just like us. By the way, we just finish our “Internship” movie, and coming to here excitedly for the Google Office nap pod feel.

I would call this a nap center. A newly setup nap center by a husband and wife team whose venture the importance of nap for a wide group of people, that includes us, the busy parent who has active children. This is to encourage us to take a nap whenever we need one.

This is the 1st napping pod shop located in Uptown PJ Malaysia and they aim to boost your productivity hence GET your power nap here!

Let’s check out their cozy interior…

There is a small bulb if you need light, and they do have option for portable massage, refreshments, blankets etc.

Only 1 pax in a pod at one time. This is to ensure silent for all to enjoy the effective nap. There are ladies corner if you prefer more privacy, after the floral curtain. 4 pod in total. Air conds are strong at some pod, some may be warmer just nice. You can get assistance from the staff as they are pretty helpful.

Washroom is available if you want to refresh with a bath, but do bring your own towel. Towel is available at a minimal charge if you need one.

Being in a “pod” you will have all the privacy to sleep. It doesn’t come with a door, as the regulation is no “hanky panky”.. ;P

Kids love the atmosphere as they need not share. They enjoyed it as it tones them down from running and jumping.
I’m So Sleepy is targeting corporate and individuals and maybe not kids at the moment. Else, they need nanny for babysitting. Perhaps something to look at in the future. Just my 2 cents opinion.

Overall, a good concept, and reminds me of Korea’s hostel – in some way.

No fret on cleanliness as they change it every time after each guest left.

Check out their latest promotion!

Where Is This?

Venue : I'm So Sleepy 

Address : No 69, Mezzanine, Jalan SS 21/37, Damansara Utama, 47400, Petaling Jaya

(Located in Damansara Uptown area, at the block next to HSBC, above Hair Depot)
Official FB Page:

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