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SnowWorld @ Resorts World Genting (First World Plaza, Level 2)

The fun moment is definitely the slide. Oh! It was so much fun.

Thanks Hubby for the beautiful capture. Loving this!

The new SnowWorld is a whole new enchanted attraction that houses fantasies and wonders on a fairyland high at the peak. Featuring a winter downtown and World Heritage concept, the breath taking view of the entire surrounding makes it a perfect place for photo opportunities.

My blog for this spot is going to be a little lengthy; cause I had so much fun.

Thanks to Eric and Wei En for arranging a special session for us at SnowWorld. I wasn’t keen to go in at the first place, finding excuses of no socks, too afraid of cold, wet shoes etc. I had a bad past experience at the same thing years back with dirty and smelly jackets; wet shoes and poor up keeping of things and smelly gloves make me paranoid. That’s why all the time whenever Jaden says “Mummy, I want to go in!” .. I will reply with a big N.O.

The Entrance

We reached SnowWorld by 8.45 pm and we waited for the next schedule to go in at 9pm. As we are around during Halloween, I love the theme “SnowMonster Bash: Trilling Chills of Fun”

Skeptical still of what is expecting later, I move on with the crowd.
What delights me was the colourful boot well laid on the shelf at the “Dress Up Corner” and we could choose the colour too. We could choose the jacket and it was well hang and clean.
Locker is available for your convenience to store all your belongings.

The view inside is simply breath taking. Monster d├ęcor is simply too cute – wish my 2 little monster is around. Yes, I change my perception – the new up kept Snow World is never like before. It’s clean for children and well worth a visit.

It was really cold in there, and having to take photo is a challenge. The moment you had your glove out for a snap on the camera or phone, you just want to make it quick and go to the next point.

It’s a date again, this time at -5 degree, another opportunity to hold each other tight.
But no fret, as there will be staff helping on photo taking - you could buy it upon exit (cameras are not allowed to bring in). You may give a big sigh, but our camera took a few hours to get those dampness out. So just enjoy and lets the staff help you with some beautiful shot.

Double date has been real fun... who says we cant enjoy after parenting? We just did...

Going in with a group of people is joyful indeed.
You gotta share the cold with, looking at each other walking like little penguins, so much laughter and squeeze in for warmth, and reminding one another to be quick
– real quick for photo moment.

 Thank you again for the memorable experience.
These pictures speak a thousand word of our “ecstatic” experience. LOL.


Where Is This?


Level T2A, First World Plaza

Monday - Friday

10:30am - 10:30pm (Normal Days)
09:30am - 11:30pm
(Malaysia School Holidays & Public Holidays) 
Saturday / Eve of Public Holidays
09:30am - 11:30pm (Normal Days) 
09:30am - 12:30am
(Malaysia School Holidays & Public Holidays)
09:30am - 10:30pm (Normal Days)
09:30am - 11:30pm
(Malaysia School Holidays & Public Holidays)
(You can refer here for the different time slot)

There is a warm room with dryers; impressed.
Visitors could keep themselves warm a little before going in again for another session.

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