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Nightlife @ Cloud 9, Chill & Cheer Zone, Lower Lobby Floor, Genting Grand

Let your hair down after a long day, where you can sway to the music played by by the DJ. Cloud 9 offers a full bar and a complete wine list to complement your light snacks. Enjoy the beverage, music and catch up on latest happenings at Cloud 9.

This is the place where party and sports meet.

We embark to Cloud 9 after enjoying the freezy cool Snow World. It was Haloween and yes, I am super excited with the decoration. It has been a long while since we had any Haloween date – either we are with the kids to birthday party or at shopping mall. Love all the pumpkin décor and it’s the night of horror awaits…


The thoughtful management has arranged for free makeover and most guests are queuing for it. I did want to have a makeover, but didn’t turn out as went back in for food as stomach is growling. I kinda admire how patience the make-up artist is, gets every make up into detail. Definitely worth the long wait.

Some other angles...

There are a lively live band team and dancers and it has been entertaining.
Not forgetting some lovely sexy leng lui whom caught the man’s attention, and now you know why Cloud 9 is packed with men. Man clicks well with beer and girls – it’s a package. ;)

Special glow in the dark menu

Nachos [Small] RM 31 [Big] RM 53 -Corn chips with sour cream, guacamole, tomato salsa, jalapeno peppers and cheddar cheese sauce.

Thanks again to Genting for the arrangement, and we valued the time out session.
Each of us had this couple shot. What makes this memorable is everyone of the others assisting lighting up their mobile as flash, hence tis suppose to look like studio picture, not bad for a spontaneous DIY flash effect.
Double date is merrier...
My overall experience was a great one. It is crowded after about 10pm, it’s when the music getting intense and that’s when the real party start with dancing. We got ourself seated at the corner and we got our privacy and catching up with each other.
Cheers!!! Great to know all the bloggers

Where Is This?

Lower Lobby Floor, Genting Grand

Operating Hours
Monday to Thursday

5.00pm to 3.00am

Friday, Eve of Public Holidays

5.00pm to 5.00am


12.00 noon to 5.00am

Sunday, Public Holidays

12.00 noon to 3.00am

Website : http://www.rwgenting.com/dining/night-entertainment/cloud-9/

Promotions Do Check Out Their Latest Promotion!
Christmas & New Year Offer

Date :  24 & 31 December 2015
            Ops Hours : 5.00 pm to 5.00 am

Cover Charge : RM 60.00 nett per person [inclusive a bottle of beer & Party Pack]
The White Party.  Be entertained by Live Band “Overseez” and in DJ Jenny F and Party Girls. 

Balloon drop with fabulous prizes to be given away

  Special promotion:
    • Carlsberg, 1 bucket of 5 bottles – RM 70.00 nett per bucket
    • Veuve Clicquot Champagne – RM 228.00 nett per bottle
    • Silk Panty Cocktail – RM 27.00 net
    • Climax Cocktail – RM 27.00 nett

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