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THe All New XYZ Deluxe room @ First World Hotel Tower 2 Annex, Genting

Loving this Colour changing panel ;)
Thanks to Genting for the invitation to review the new hotel room at First World Hotel. It was a pleasure stay and there are now the new Tower 2 Annex. All other rooms in the existing tower has been renovated too.

Overall experience are good. It's clean and new.  Checking in now may be a hassle as you need to go to the main lobby.  However there will be a new check in counter at Tower 2A which is much convenient and less long walking. There are a lift from Tower 2A to the parking so its a plus point. Drawback is now Genting change is check out time from 12 noon to 11am and I would think its pretty early for family trip.

The three-star hotel won the GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™ recognition before, between 2006 and 2013 when it had 6,118 rooms. The hotel has received over 35.5 million guests over the nine years since its first record in 2006. Now with its newly renovated rooms and accompanying entertainment and F&B outlets in full swing, a new phase has begun.

The transformation plans at Resorts World Genting have seen to not only a higher number of rooms at First World Hotel but also a host of new features, from accommodation to F&B to entertainment.

F&B outlets have been remodeled with new ones introduced, adding a new dimension in terms of dining and entertainment experience. And by 2016 the eagerly awaited 20th Century Fox World Theme Park, Genting Premium Outlet, brand new shopping mall Sky Avenue and a new cable system will be unveiled, completing the transformation that beckons Malaysia's premier holiday resort to the next phase.

There are many firsts at the now visually stunning First World Hotel that are deserving of recognition; among them, an innovatively-designed walkway leading to the lobby that comes complete with atmospheric Chillout

music. Plus, the new living spaces in the form of Tower 2 Annex, an extension to Tower 1, and Tower 2.

Trendy and cosy rooms
Elegant simplicity greets guests in their room. The new annex makes better use of space, compared to the initial two towers of First World Hotel. Designed to be functional but yet chic, the guest rooms come in lively and vibrant splashes of yellow and design.

The intention is to create a standard hotel experience: enhanced room interior that is centered on a great bed to ensure a good night’s rest. All basic amenities are there to complete the picture of sanctuary away from home.

But as importantly, small details go a long way in creating a whole new ambience: glass toilets and shower in the rooms and USB with international electric socket facilities near the bed are relevant features that should score points with the trendy and contemporary crowd.

Frosted lime green glass walls act as dividers between the toilet, shower and sink, and the laminated floor has warm earthy tones. The rooms come with either two single beds or a double, and an open hanging cupboard provides good storage space with safe boxes and mini-fridge.
The Tower 2 Annex has altogether 1,286 brand new rooms with new names such as XYZ Deluxe and XYZ Triple. The average size of the rooms is 179.70 sq ft. What differentiates them: amenities; XYZ Deluxe rooms offer either two single beds or one queen bed while XYZ Triple rooms offer one single bed and one queen bed. XYZ Triple is ideal for family or a party of three.

For more information, call +603 2718 1118 or visit www.rwgenting.com

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  1. very nice to see first world upping their game and providing newer. nicer rooms for us! :)

  2. Love their new room coz of the quirky interior and spacious area :) worth staying too!

  3. Wow the new deluxe room look more contemporary and bright. Good that they upgrade their room after so many years

  4. Cheery & bright new rooms at the new XYZ Deluxe room...good time to upgrade as the new 20th Century Fox theme park opening soon in future!

  5. look like I have to visit genting soon..the new room look so good..

  6. The new room definitely looks much more cheerful and bright. I do look forward to checking it out some time....

  7. The decoration looks very inviting and the rooms very inviting.
    Definitely gonna go and check it out.

  8. Simple interior with basic necessities, price seems decent too especially since its in genting.

  9. Wow.. overall nampak bersih dan sangat sesuai utk rehat yg panjang. Modern dan inviting

  10. I have visited the new hotel rooms before and I love their new interior... I should visit again next time :)

  11. I like the design on ceiling and wall, so funky and vibrant in color, not bad :)

  12. Looks very vibrant and artsy as compare to the other genting hotels. Its a nice change :)

  13. This is much spacious room and new design one as compared to the other ones in age ting. Nice!
    Cheers, SiennyLovesDrawing