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Totalife GenePower-28 Programme - Personalised Nutrition Management Programme

Thanks to Totalife for the invitation. Its definitely a great health lesson and lots of discovery with regards to our body fats, nutrition and how our habits of eating influence our health and body shape.
Totalife is a Personalized Nutrition Management System.
Everyone will have some aim when you go to center like this. I wouldn't say its a slimming center but more about getting our nutrition right to lose weight naturally without any laxative ingredients.
There are a list of question to understand your eating behavior and lifestyle - feeling guilty as you go on ticking the box "Often" or "Seldom" Lol. The machine that I hold can generate body fat analysis and your body category. Well, pear shape means lots to shed - tummy! Arghhh... Too many festive food lately.
First, getting my aim right: I want to lose some pound, detox (mainly - as sleeping too late lately) and yes - Maintain thereafter...
Let's see how Totalife could help in getting close to my aim.
Here is Genepower 28 days Programme.
Let us go through the Ingredients in each pack and how each steps of Fat Burning, Regulation, Metabolism and Detoxification helps in weight management.
Revolutionary Genetic Breakthrough in weight management.

Step 1: TDS (Fat Burning)
- Soy milk, mocha and apple flavors for satisfying your taste buds
- 58 types of balanced nutrition
- Whey amino acids
- Low GI
- Fat suppression polyphenols
- Fat elimination factors
- Metabolism factors

There are 3 flavor: Mocha, Apple and Soymilk

Step 2: GeneUp (Regulation)
- Roselle polyphenols
- Plant-based peptides

Step 3: Lipokleen A (Metabolism)
- Contain salmon fish oil, rich in Omega-3 essential fatty acids: DHA & EPA
- Vitamin E acts as fat soluble antioxidant
- Energise cell, convert nutrition into energy as well as boost up body metabolism

Step 4: Fittache (Detoxification)
- Reduce 35% calories absorption from food sources
- High in Fiber
- Neutralise and eliminate excessive fat

This shows how Fittache helps in absorbing oil from the body. Amazing!
In Individual capsule. This is to ensure quality of the product.
vs Traditional way used to be in bottle, but after awhile those yet to consume will turn colour due to oxidation.
Here is the right way to consume:  

Here is one session of my 3 days trial:

Not only it benefits adult for weight management, the kiddo loves it too. Especially the shakes. Kids could take it after meal for more nutrition. One cup is never enough as there is 3 flavor to choose from so that they never get bored.


Here is me - one happy mummy - lose a kilo after 3 days, more health conscious and best thing is family is in better nutrition too.

Thanks Totalife for the quick and effective experience!

Do check out their collagen too! Love it.
Here are GREAT NEWS to my readers, with this simple 4 steps!
1. Submit Google Form (http://goo.gl/forms/x8iY45QonF)
2. Enter code (GP28_1013)
3. Totalife will email you to visit their Totalife Malaysia HQ to redeem the GP28 goodies bag and free an OBG test - while stock last.
4. You can walkaway GP28 goodies bag worth RM54!

For more information:

Here are some other successful testimonials from other users. Its not about competing how much you lose, but its a way of recognizing the great health you have after losing some pound - best is changing your way of eating healthily. ;)

What I Learn from the talk:


* Fruits that are high sugar content: Watermelon, pineapple, durian, dragon fruits
* Lipokleen A is good for numb hand, cold hands
* High Protein Shake for gym consumption in the market is solely for after gym. Bubbles in urine indicates over of protein in your body and will have reverse effect.
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