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First London Street Family Park by The Parenthood

Thanks for the invitation to Bloggers’ and VVIP Conference to the First London Street Family Park by The Parenthood.

We were at Bloggers Conference this Saturday @ The Parenthood, 2nd Floor Sunway Putra Mall. We took a connecting LRT to reach Sunway Putra Mall, with no traffic and yes, it’s much hassle free.

Done with registration, we walk around and were led to get the wristband from My Kingdom Playhouse. Walking around the place itself, we had lots of stopover with the kids. Elder Boy wanted to see the Lego, younger girl want to go in the playground, daddy wanted to check out the PlayStation, and mummy wanted to check out the facial and beauty room. Lucky it was all under the same place, not a few floors up and down to cater all our “wants”. LOL.
After the official speech, we head on to check every outlet out. I would just have a few previews as you got to visit this place to check out more. Experience it with your family – enjoy the surprise, laughter and bonding, that what matters.
Some of the free activities that I find it useful to share – only the entrance to My Kingdom playground is chargeable, a visit to all other outlets at The Parenthood is free.
-          Pigeon offers breastfeeding info and lactation support by appointment with their lactation consultant.

-          SPM Games offers free play. Check out their carom. I personally like the quality and it’s foldable for easy storage. Child learns through play and SPM games offers lots of the family concept board games.

-          There will be free painting coming soon too – but need to check out their websites for the exact date.

-          Grolier offers free products presentation; there are lots of sample of books, flash cards and games for you to look at.

-           Faber Castell would have a place for free colouring session, and they would be explaining on how to paint, colours combination and how to use their products to get more creative artwork.

-          My Kingdom playground offers play – exploring creativity, improving motor skills and there will be also upcoming enrichment classes. One can plan their birthdays as they had an adjacent place beside the playground for convenience. What I like about this place is they had a check in and check out security system, whereby there will be a coding on each wristband and its link between the child and the parent. The best as you can be in and out the playground as much as you want. Do make sure that every time you are out, you have to check out and check in back so that you can monitor your own child.

-          Toy DHA will be having indoor planting workshop in future too.

 “The Parenthood” -- Malaysia’s 1st London Street Family Park is set to open its doors

to the public on 5 December 2015. 

Located on the 2nd floor of Sunway Putra Mall,
“The Parenthood” will be the ultimate venue to seek modern-day parenting amenities,
services, products and enriching experiences for anyone
– especially parents with their children. 
Step into this friendly neighbourhood place and you know this is no ordinary
walk in a park. Familiar architectures greet you -- Big Ben, the red London Bus,
British flags, red post boxes, quaint shops nestled along yellow-marked tar roads
against the backdrop of the English castle
– indeed a refreshing reminisce of fabulous London. 

Our Favourite spot
 The Parenthood” is the first-of-its-kind family park offering parents and
their children an avenue to Learn, Play and Enrich INDIVIDUALLY and TOGETHER
-- all under one roof! 
The indoor park provides an interactive quality bonding and progressive
learning platform between parents and babies, toddlers and kids
under 12 years old. A wide range of enrichment classes are available,
from academic to hobbies and sports, amenities such as a toddler area,
2 units of X-Box 360 and party rooms that can accommodate up to 40 children.
The Family Park caters to baby from new-born to 12 years old kids.
My Kingdom playground offers treasure hunt games,
flying fox, spider tower, transparent spiral slide, multiple slides, ball pit
tunnels and play bridges. 
While children engage in various fun and educational activities for themselves, 
parents can join them anytime for quality bonding. Also, parents can shop for
every baby/ children’s products imaginable here and enjoy various
pampering services like manicure, pedicure, massage, facial etc. 



They can also relax and dine comfortably at the cafĂ© which has 2 big TV screens
opposite it capturing the playground area -- assuring parents that their kids are
safely playing independently there.  
In essence, the family park comprises 4 major components: 
·         Relaxation & Leisure  – Family fitness room which offers WiO Express’s
Power Plate and other fitness props for parents and kids.
A Beauty Secret Studio that provides hair care products and services, facial, massage,
pedicure and manicure etc for both parents and kids.

·         Educational play  – Activities engaging parents and kids together e.g. workshops,
enrichment activities, playground etc.

·         Dining – Cafe that serves healthy food

·         Shopping – A mini mall concept comprising more than 33 retailers offering products and services for mothers and babies, toddlers and kids all under one roof.  Retailers include brands like Pigeon, Pureen, Grolier, Faber Castell, Hasbro etc. Look out for special discounts and bargains from time to time.

·         Others – Other services include “Drop & Shop” for toddlers/ kids of 4 years and above, birthday parties and many more. 

Baby room facilities
For more info, please visit:
   Our Facebook pages: The Parenthood or MIPC
   Our website: http://theparenthood.com.my/
   My Kingdom playground by The Parenthood:  https://www.facebook.com/jepkingdom/timeline

For more info, please visit:
The Parenthood’s Facebook:

The Parenthood’s website: http://theparenthood.com.my/

The Facebook page of My Kingdom themed playground by The Parenthood:


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