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Urban, Rooftop & Vertical Farming Association Launch @ DF Farmhouse, Kajang

Thanks to Jeff for the invitation and the few hour spent at your urban farm has been an educational and informative.

16 Jan 2016 marked the launched of Urban Rooftop Vertical Farming Association by Guest of Honour - Dato' Liew Sew Yee (Vice President of Associated Chinese Chambers of Commerce and Industry Malaysia, ACCCIM), along with VVIPS, Tàn Sri Dato' Soong Siew Hoong (Honorary Adviser of Urban Rooftop Vertical Farming Association).

When we hear a farm, we visualized a big land, ponds and to a child, Jaden ask whether there is any chickens, pond, and fishes. We reached DF Farm on a Saturday morning and it was in a housing area, and the transformation of a house to a farm is simply amazing. Yes, urban farming is really possible.
Its definitely a family affair as we are privileged having to see Live Demonstration by Jeff Kong on Unity Gardening Drum, how food waste are usable as Fertilised Soil, The usage of black soldier Flies Larvae up to rearing an Organic Chickens, Rooftop Yam, Aquaponics Fish and Plants.

The theme of the day is  "Harvesting Benefits of Urban Farming". Groups of people whom benefits from Urban farming does not limit to:

a) Students and childrens plays a vital role in exercising and benefiting from Urban Farming. Not only it educates, they are more health conscious towards the food they consume - organic, no pesticides and antibiotics. The process of planting, fertilized and harvesting the seed they sow would be a better hands on learning ground compare to I-Pads and Mobile phones.

b) Mothers are one of the target too. EsteeLeong , OngKimHwa  and RachelleChoong are seen engaging themselves well with Urban Farming. Mothers are more health conscious now and yes, I am practicing to eat well too. A great diet with organic vegetables are the best key of a healthy family.

c) Yes, entrepreneurs are seen supporting this event wholeheartedly. This shows that urban farming concept is for busy adults too.

d) Associations can implement Urban Farming at their premise to benefit elderly, homes.

Not only kids learn the importance, the harvesting and how organic vege and food can be well planted and raised, it does one way or another safe to be an educational tools as child learns through play.

My bubbly make use of the lady finger from DF farm. ‪#‎farming‬ ‪#‎vegetables‬ ‪#‎cooking‬ ‪#‎play‬ ‪#‎learning‬ ‪#‎noboundary‬ ‪#‎dffarm‬ ‪#‎kajang‬ Check out with Jiang Foong Jeff Kong on how vertical farming is possible in urban living.
Kids inspire us in many ways. My bubbly surprise me at her own pace.

Left is the normal egg that sell in market, and they claimed kampong egg. Right is chicken egg from DF Farm. More nutritional and its organic!
Tan Sri Dato' Soong Siew Hoong, Honorary Adviser of Urban Rooftop Vertical Farming Association has been very encouraging and do highlight the below:
  1. Urban Farming require much less area compared to conventional open and farming-less than 1/5 for equivalent quantity of vegetables grown
  2. As the technique uses the Hydroponic or the Fertiligation Technology, there is no need for tilling the ground or watering in growing the vegetables, thus eliminating the tedious, hard work required in traditional farming
  3. Urban farming is usually done under a plastic sheet cover which allows sunlight for the growing vegetables but prevent damage by heavy rain. There is no need for the usual pesticide spraying or weeding. 
  4. The Hydroponic or Fertigation Technology uses only a 1hp water pump to re-circulate the water coming out of the Hydroponic or Fertigation process which irrigates the plants in drips. This method means a great saving in water and electricity. Some urban farming practitioners even have a solar energy driven water pump which can pump water from a well or stream and re- circulate water. 
  5. Urban farming can be a good educational undertaking for adults and especially children. They learn how vegetables are grown and how good they are for health.
  6. Residents’ Associations can initiate urban farming for the residents in their area. This is a good opportunity to get the various citizen/ resident together to grow vegetables in a central area or nearby individual lots in the context of greening the environment; promotingcommunal interaction and harmony.
  7. Urban Farming can become a source of supply of fresh vegetables (and Vitamin C, indispensable amino acids, mineral substances, micro elements exclusively in vegetables, fruits); thus saving some money and (a little bit of foreign exchange) when growing our own vegetables.
  8. Urban Farming can even interest senior citizens including retirees to indulge in learning a new skill (and later in teaching others), get a little exercise in the process, and having a sense of doing something useful.
  9. Urban Farming in Resident Associations can be replicated in Health Care Centres, Childrens’ Homes, Old Folks Homes, OrangAsli Settlements etc. (Teaching people how to fish instead of giving them a fish), involving them in selfhelp.
  10. The technology of urban farming is easily available, from MARDI website and other sources, equipment for the process is simple and very affordable.

The government encourages Urban Farming in Malaysia. Many other countries also encourage urban farming or Vertical Farming (as in Singapore which supplies 5% of the country’s vegetable needs with 9 meter high structures over 3.65 hectares of land at 10 tonnes per day), even Roof Top Farming (as in Beijing, China, which has a Roof Top Farming Association since 2006 with 1.2 million members).Japan has special Urban Farming projects for senior citizens.

Past urban farming activities, covered by media ~ The Star

a.) Urban Farming launching at Charity Food Basket Association, Klang (July 2015) 

b.) Damansara Jaya Resident Association on Urban Farming (March 2015)

c.) Community Farming in Kajang (Feb 2015) 

Where Is This? 
Address: No 67, Off Jalan Bukit, Taman Kajang Jaya, 43000 Kajang, Selangor
Jeff Kong, 019-3761289 
Rachelle Choong, 012-2517822
Alan Foo, 012-2953718
William Chooi, 012-3388321
Kenneth Loh, 016-3446649

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