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Mummy, you don't need too if you are out of budget this month. (Shopping and kids)

Loving shopping is everyone dreams, including myself. Well, I make it happen - for a simple reason it makes me happy like chocolates does. I call these happy food.

When I have kids, it's even more encouraging as you are now looking into more to buy. Baby rattles, toys, clothes and shoes etc. I love putting shopping desire into business - better deals every time?. When the kids are at their toddler age, we bought lots of baby clothes to sell, and I venture into diaper cake business when they are on diaper, development and educational tools when April need it the most and yes, the house is filled with toys and more or less look like a preschool or like my sister use to say - let's go to your playground! Kids are of course happy at first but a bit bored overtime with the existing material and yes I had enough of toys purchasing - it gradually satisfies the shopping desire. Best thing is both kids had the chance to improve their motor skills.

As for personal self, I love to shop preloved. You get to recycle, sharing your beloved items, get to shop at lower price, giving away things to those in need and at the same time making friends. Kids are taught to sell their existing toys or belonging before getting a new one. As in if they are willing to sacrifice their existing toys, they got a new one ie. still preloved. Those are younger days.

Now as Jaden is elder, he must evaluate the value. With the amount, let's say RM100 was earned from the sale, he will got to get the same value to purchase. They DO have a very long list, not that they need it, they just want it. So we tell them the importance of want and need.

Clear Example: He want a bigger aquarium so that his fish has more space to swim. Being an avid shopper mummy, I would just say yes. Daddy who is more rationale would think who is going to take care of the fish? Truly.. daddy take care of the fish thereafter and kids are just looking at it. After getting some angpow money, Jaden wants a bigger aquarium after he sees one. Tragic - who is going to manage it?

Give them alternative, would you want lessons (swimming, piano etc - based on their interest) as a replacement? Saying no to them without these will just make them mad. (Yes, reminding myself too)

It takes two to parent a child. Parent need to come into a common conclusion on how they want to shape their child, how to and when to and what to - yes words seem easy, and yes it's not easy as it seems. But, I could reassure you that it will work if you manage it well. If there is a clash of opinion, it's great to talk about it during your marriage time where kids are not at sight. Communicate is a vital tools. List down, and stream down which one to adopt, if it doesn't work, move on to the next.

Parenting needs a lot of patience. having writing this, I am reminding myself too. We are a better parent from day to day. No one can be a super daddy and super mummy in a day just because they attend courses or listen to others. You will need to gain your experience and adopt the thing you learnt from others or courses. Practice.You may soon reap the beauty of it when the time comes.

Just a humble sharing:

Both had their first swimming class yesterday and happily April just out of a sudden says "Thank you Mummy!" I am puzzled, but just know what she meant. Mummy holding out tears. (After all these while managing her speech and each day thinking whether she knows what's happening)

This morning, I am taking out RM1 and tell Jaden to buy himself some food so that he could have a snack just in case I am late back from work to fetch him. He replied, "Mummy, you don't need too if you are out of budget this month. I am okay." My tears holding back on a happy note (only mummy would understand) He grown up too fast, my baby boy. It's not about the RM1, it's about how thoughtful he is and his first word of "budget".

Happy Wife, Happy Life.

Both kiddo following mummy to have a walk after dinner. Each brings a "fan" to keep themself cool. 

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