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Chocolate Museum At Kota Damansara by Fidani, another place of interest Kuala Lumpur

Looking for some free entry place to go, well air-conditioned yet edutaining the kids?

Yes, we make a trip to Kota Damansara and yes its a better one compare to Beryl's in KL City Centre. The place is quiet as not many people discover the place as yet.

Maybe it's the age, I would really prefer some quiet place to be with the kids.

Ample parking space.

Should you need a tour, you may arrange a group and email to them in advance. We went there on our own and no one actually will greet you to explain, so everything is self explainatory. There are video's, display items with explanation.

For younger child, you might want to explain to them in a manner that they would understand at their age. In the premise, they would show the disgrams on how chocolate is process, the history,  types of machines used to transform cocoa fruit to chocolate, ingredients and benefits of chocolate.

The kids would love to touch some panels, especially one that could make the grinding machine
works. Great experience in there.


For elder one, you would be happy to eat more chocolates as there states benefit for us. Now who says only girls on menstrual needs chocolate? My happy food!

It's a short tour and we are lucky to meet with a group of school children, hence the chef is there to show us how fine chocolate are made here.

We head on to the shopping gallery and lots of fine chocolate to choose from, Ferraro roche price is even at par as those in Langkawi or airport. Durian, mango, strawberry chocolate and spoilt with choices.

Indeed very creamy milk chocolate.

There is a cafe for hungry parent and kids after the short tour. Snacks typically. As it's not crowded, you can sit there while kids could explore more display item near the cafe.

Where is This?

Visit them at for more insights and do drop by:



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