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Tripovo - Discovering Malaysia's Painted Heritage in line with International Museum Day 18th May 2016

Thanks Tripovo for hand picked my blog to join a media event for the International Museum Day together with Museum Negara happening at the Museum Negara's Discovery Room.

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Tripovo together with Muzium Negara has organised a media event entitled “Discovering Malaysia’s Painted Heritage” in the celebration of International Museum Day (IMD) happening on May 18.

This is Muzium Negara's first bloggers event and thanks to Tripovo for making it happen. It's also the first event for Tripovo since they launched their website, five months ago

Since 1997, Malaysia has been celebrating International Museum Day, a day to raise awareness of the importance of museums in shaping society.

For this year, the theme Museums and Cultural Landscapes was chosen by the Conseil International des Musées (ICOM) as it sees the innate responsibility of museums to bring the needed knowledge and skills on the landscapes where they are located.

To show that Muzium Negara is keeping up with the times, majority of the media invited are bloggers and social media influencers, locals and expats. This is a first for the museum to tap into digital influencers to spread awareness of the said event.

“We are so excited as it is something new for us, we are more than happy to collaborate should it be for the benefit of the museum,” said National Museum’s Deputy Director Miss Darniza Daut.

Participants of the event started with an English guided tour of the museum’s four exhibits pertaining to different eras of Malaysia - Early history, Malay Kingdoms, Colonial Period and Malaysia today.

The bloggers listening intently to Mr. Yee as he discusses Malaysian history during the Prehistoric era-min


Thereafter, a batik painting class headed by Ms. Rosida Abdullah of the Textile Museum where people of the media get to show off their creativity using the traditional methods of making batik. Making batik is a great activity for kids and adults, and it is a great way for parents to bond with their kids with something fun and historical.
My masterpiece. ;)

Outlining wax is an important step when painting batik

Colours upon colours to make that batik pattern look picture perfect
The Final Outcome - Loving It (Jaden kept at his desk when I got home)

Head of Textile Museum's Rosidah Abdullah explaining how batik is processed further to make the colours brighter and usable-min

Enjoying my bakso ALL BY MYSELF (haha - must be in highlight as it's a very rare scenario after you have 2 kids and any nice food will be gone in seconds whenever we are out)
Here is the delicious bakso before the event. @muzium café

Muzium Negara will have an Open Day on 18th May 2016, whereby officers of National Museum encourage everyone to visit the 22 museums under Jabatan Muzium Malaysia as entrance is free.
In fact, this includes more than 32,000 museums around the world too!

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