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Free Activity Online - Jigsaw Puzzles at www.jspuzzles.com

The Daily Jigsaw Puzzle

We, mummy often get jigsaw puzzles for our kids at the shopping centre and will purchase one after another after the kids being able to fix all that they had.

I come across this jigsaw puzzle website which is easy to use. You wont be running out of idea which puzzle to be solved as they will have about 100-150 new puzzles daily downloaded from users for you to choose from. Jspuzzle will be reviewing each picture uploaded so that it matches with the category and suitable for all ages.

Every day there will post a new puzzle with a different theme -
Nature, Places, Animals, Scenery and more!

The website is easy to navigate, you will only need to double click to the jigsaw puzzle that you wanted to solve, and the screen will look like the bottom:

You may solve the puzzle over and over again as it has a timer which records your speed. This would be a great family bonding if you wish to do something online together.

Do try it yourself at www.jspuzzles.com

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