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We pledge to each other at MixFM Love Contract

Sometimes, we just need some assurance no matter how great our relationship is. Being with each other for 20 years and married for 10 years; we are just like any other couple who faces challenges in a relationship. From kids, house chores, finances, relationship, communication, you can named it. It's not always unfavourable as things like this will lead you to a better understanding of each other, and I am pretty sure we would be able to laugh at it during our old age.

I enrol ourself to MixFM Love Contract very spontaneously. My sis forwarded me the online registration and well, I think it would be great for some marriage time again to rekindle with hubby as having kids in primary school, we seldom sneak a chance.

Excitedly, one couple is choosen among all submissions and that is us, based on a creative slogan. I barely remember what I submitted, but it must have something to do with getting my girl to do something repeatedly over and over again, and she is still not getting it and we are both gets a little "overwhelming" at that moment. Surely, we miss the couple time..

Getting one week off from kids is not so easy as we need to commit one week for the program. Confession: didn't read the terms; so it's a surprise for me indeed.
Neither did we know we will be on air for this sharing (double surprise)
Neither did we know our journey would be recorded (triple surprise)
Neither did we know we have task to accomplish every day .. and more surprises ....

It was both fun and nervous.

Thanks MixFM crew for all this.

Recap on the pre-program, we are at the studio with Aishah, Rod and Prem. Spontaneous questions are given and we had to answer on the spot at some personal and couple session. We had our confession on our relationships, issues to look into and they gets to understand us better as a couple before the 1 week program.

There is one favourite part which brings tears (a lovely assurance); as hubby tell them:

"My wife is the best investment I had in my life"

Stay tune as I share our journey with MixFM Love Contract.

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We pledge to each other at MixFM Love Contract

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