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Little Kingdom @ Parkson Maju Junction Shopping Mall, Kuala Lumpur

Little Kingdom has a nice location. The entrance is nice with a lot of colourful graphic wall. 
I like the interior setup as you will have a lot background for nice pictures.
In term of activities, you may not need a day to finish. You will be provided with a brochure with interior mapping for your easy reference on your activities venue.

You may ask is it worth the money spent? I would personally think it depends, if you could go on a weekday and not many people, getting the rides over and over without having to wait may be great.

Entrance Fees

Scanning Code before going in

The sit in area is very crowded when there are lots of people. They should allow smaller group so that kids and parent could enjoy more. 

The driving. Takes too many steps. Many kids would love this ride, but they have to wait very long as each session only limit to few vehicle. Half an hour a session.

Kids love the maze, they can go in and out over and over again.

Lots of IQ puzzles to select and play with a guidance.

Inside the train ride

The music yoga class area with instructor guidance.

Magic class

Playground rules

Kids gym. spacious

Where Is This?
Little Kingdom
Parkson Maju Junction Shopping Mall, Jalan Sultan Ismail, 50250 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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