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BAKO Korean Restaurant @ Seri Petaling

There is always that special moment; and you want to bring your special someone out for a date, to dine something special. Most people love Korean food, and I am one of them. And do you agree that every Korean cuisine restaurant that you went in, you can smell that meat BBQ smell and it sticks to your shirt and by the time you reach home, you feel like you are one stinking meatball? Yes? Yes?

Bringing kids out, we wouldn't want to engage in smelly shirts coz it make us feel terrible. Enough said of kids tantrum, and all we want is to have is nice food, nice calming ambience, and Yay, we found one unexpectedly, after banning another smelly korean restaurant nearby.

Check out these lovely ambience and I tell you where is the exact location at the end of this post.

I love this area, it's an open area. Not stuffy if they don't have much people sitting outside as not air-conditioned. But, a perfect spot for that quiet, peaceful dinner. 

If you have kids with you, recommended to take this space, as you can watch over them as space is limited for them to run around. You can ask the waiter to help you to grill the meat a far from where you are seated. (Yay, no smelly shirt)

I like the hanging lovely lights below:

Here is another private session indoor air-conditioned area, great for gathering as if you see on the left, there is a special area where the waiter could cook it there to serve you without additional charges. Awww.. the lights - love love love the ambience.

Love the washing area. I can stare at this picture for hours. Yes, I did spent some time there looking at how the light bulb is being fitted, just lovely.

I wouldn't have much food pictures here, as not reviewing for them. I am very happy to share the ambience. Too hungry to take food photo and this is what I left with. :P

There are 8 banchan all together.

We ask the waiter to grill, so there is no choice even it's not "garing" enough. Could have been better, But too hungry to get it redone. Taste - was OK.

Love the pajeon. The sauce is tasty. reassemble close to the one we had in Korea. So thumbs up. 
I am crazy over decor, so here is another few. The locks and keys - missing our Korea trip. 

Food was ok, there are varieties of drinks and desserts to choose from, soju's cocktail is available too.

Have a go! They are at:

Bako Korean BBQ
2-, 1, Jalan Radin Bagus, Sri Petaling, 57000 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Do tell me how you like the place after the visit! 
Kamsa Hamnida!

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