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Hair Colouring @ Hair Attitude Workshop

As a mother, we care of our children well-being and most often left our self out. Does this remind you of bad hair day? Yes, often we do. It's time to set a priority!

Thanks to Hair Attitude for the pampering. Love the colour, love the treatment. Saying yes to brand new lively hair! Check out my experience!

Hair Attitude Workshop nestled at the busy area of Pandan Indah, Kuala Lumpur. 

The attraction? Friendly staff and you can be assured of good service.

Upon entrance, we will be seated and you may choose the colour of your choice, I am given a colour plate to choose from and since I doesn’t want a 2 tone once the new hair comes out from the root, I choose a safer colour.

Chosen Dark Blonde Copper Natural 6-70
You may opt to get a treatment for your root before the colouring process to protect the scalp. I was to understand you need not wash the hair before colouring as there will be some retaining oil on the scalp that will protect against the chemicals if you have sensitive skin. (Not to the extend going to salon with a full wax hair or a month unwashed hair if you are just done with your confinement). If it’s the case, the salon will give you a hair wash to remove the thick wax or particles from your hair before applying the desired colour.

Colour cream are applied evenly on to the hair with much patience. 

You may feel a 10-15 minutes tingling sensation on your scalp. It’s normal as the colour reacts on the hair; absorbing the hair colour (chemical reaction).

Once the colouring is done, it will be left to blend in for about 30-45 minutes. How long would you need to wait? The hairdresser, Mr Lee check on it after 30 minutes to see if the colour has been intense based on his experience.

Once it’s set, I move on to get it washed. Ahhh lovely with a little warm water, shampoo and conditioner to clean it up.

Next, you may need a treatment, especially good for damaged hair for a softer and shinier look.

Hair Attitude workshop uses 2-step treatment cream which works wonder for my hair.
Firstly, to apply white moisturiser as the base, and pink is the treatment for colour hair. They will use the same base, but for others treatment they will use different 2nd pack.

Steaming process.

Tadahhh.. After treatment.... wonderful as hair looks easier to manage and softer. Looks nourished!

Treatment is RM180.00 per time. My verdict – standard treatment price, most important is it works well and end result is great.
I love the end result texture. Need not tie ponytail to look good. Letting go the hair is the key, for that great look.

Give it a try for a brand new look. 

They are having a promotion for hair colouring now till Hari Raya.
Normal Base Colour Promotion"

Short hair RM68 nett

Medium hair neck level RM88nett

Long hair shoulder level RM108nett

Long hair 2 inch below shoulder RM128nett

Before and after service from hair Attitude.

Where Is This?
Hair Attitude Workshop
56, Jalan Pandah Indah 4/6
Pandan Indah,
55100 Kuala Lumpur

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