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Loving AIKEN new antibacterial new shower range - Argan Oil, Yuzu, Bamboo Charcoal - you have to read on!

Who loves essential oil and good smell before bed? Who loves great smell after each shower? Me! Me! Yes, you don't need to smell "medicated" to look you are protected from bacteria. 

Check out AIKEN Antibacterial Shower range that eliminates 99.9% harmful bacteria and provides 24 hours germ protection with every shower for mums and the entire family.

Thanks AIKEN! I was pretty amaze with the new range and I love Argan oil. While hubby is a craze of Yuzu lately, and yes the new range keep the family busy - we love the scent, and the after shower smells great and you feel energized. Power of scent and great for daily use.

AIKEN Antibacterial Shower range has 4 variants: Japanese Yuzu and Mint that protect and energised, the purifying Bamboo Charcoal, skin moisturising goodness of Avocado and Argan Oil and the skin brightening properties Sakura Leaf & Licorice Root.  

While the Classic range comes with extracts of Rosemary, Bergamot and Ginseng for Extra protection, Tea Tree Oil and Thyme to care for acne, Lemon Myrtle, Eucalyptus and Peppermint revitalize and safeguard your skin from perspiration malodour, and Rosehip with Ylang Ylang  to rehydrate and nourishing the skin with its soap-free and pH-balanced formulation.

AIKEN Antibacterial Shower range is available at all major retail outlets, hypermarkets and leading pharmacies in 2 sizes, the 900gm pump bottle priced at RM18.20 each and the 850gm pouch packs priced at RM12.30 each.

NEWLY launched and currently available in 900gm pump bottle (RM18.20 each)
Antibacterial Shower Crème – Protect and Energise, Protect and Purify, Protect and Nourishing, Protect and Brightening

Available in 2 sizes (900gm and 850gm refill pouch) – RM12.30 each
AIKEN Antibacterial Shower Crème Extra Protection, Protect and Care, Protect and Revitalise, Protect and Nourish

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