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Happy William Syndrome Awareness month! Tale of a 8 years old continues..

Sometimes we are thinking on how to nurture this baby of ours,  how to make her talk more,  thinking how she really feels, what she really wants and what did she really learn all these years. Despite so much of repeated words and teaching,  she is still not at par with our 'expectation'. I know it's wrong to say 'our expectation' but growing up with a special child,  we do have an expectation to the child in our inner heart even we did say don't compare,  don't rush and it takes time.

Whenever I am hopeless with no direction on how things may be for her,  she assured me again today. She learn in different way. She observe and repeat. I got too tired after work,  lay on bed. I ask for a massage and I see 2 little strong finger thumping nicely on my back. She then covers the blanket,  bring my panda teddies for me,  switch off the lights, and say ok, good night,  sweet dream ok. see you tomorrow mummy - as she gently close the door.

What I just witness is the repetition of what I did to her everyday. It's really heartwarming that she is doing all these for me. Love of a daughter-my little one,  my best friend. Not forgetting she would lift down the toilet seat,  got me tissue paper, switch on the water tap to wash my hand, ensuring our safety at the escalator as she says mummy look in front! I am proud of her. She just need more time and we will work this out. Just more patience....

Happy William Syndrome awareness month to all of us and her peers. May we be blessed of more lovely development of the child,  more understanding from the society, spread of joy and love to the family, and many more guilt free, happy times and moments to come.

Lots of love!

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