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Loving your foot care? Drop in nearest SASA, grab your Baby Foot mask and you could be the next "Baby Foot Princess"!

Here is the recent happenings at Mid Valley Megamall South Void last week and it attracts lots of families. I love the fact that they do have the glass shoe and the crown for us to feel like a princess for that few second for a lovely pictures.

Here is mine. Couldn't get a prom dress there, so this is it:

If you walk in into SASA store without getting a Baby Foot mask, then I would say, I had not shop enough yet. Haha. I am an avid Baby Foot supporter. Remember my Baby Foot review back in 2015? I still love the after effect, smooth and clean feet, and love seeing the peeling after few days. You can see the dead skin going off, renewed and yay! A lovely feet again.

Back to feet care. As a busy working mother, our feet is mostly forgotten. It so happen my kids love to put lotion even under the feet at night better than I do. Just make sure they don't come down from the bed else there will be lotion on the floor.

I could just be fast asleep, and get into bed quickly every night. Baby Foot is just right for me. Just slip in to the packet, sealed it, leave it for 30 min and after a week, I got the result that I wanted.

If you happen to meet them at the roadshow, they actually selling this at the cheaper price after discount that of in Japan. Worth the money as SASA even throw in lucky draw. If you are a cost savvy mummy like me, this is the best to look out for.

Do check out their latest edition of new products:

Grab your Baby Foot Mask now,  and follow the below steps to win a princess experience! Contest ends 12th June 2017.

I am trying this new rose fragrance baby foot. Stay tune for the result. I can't wait when it's start to peel and I want to feel the baby foot of mine again!  
Lots of love. :)

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  1. it's a good product. and you should try it. I've used it and it's really good for my foot